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Riverside Museum wins European Museum Academy Micheletti Award 2012
May 2012

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Riverside Museum, Glasgow, has been named the most innovative museum in the fields of technology, labour and social history by the European Museum Academy. Riverside competed against museums in 12 other European countries to win the 17th annual Micheletti Award.

In their citation, the judges noted that: “The careful planning of the museum included involving visitors and volunteers at every stage of the development”. The judges concluded: “The museum has put its budget and its large workforce to excellent use, it is completely publicly oriented, flexible and always on the outlook. It is making a change to a rundown neighbourhood, as well as being a showcase of past, present and future transport industries of Glasgow”.
Lawrence Fitzgerald, Riverside Museum Manager said: “The judges were particularly impressed by the relationships the museum had built up with people before, during and after opening and by the range of stories told at Riverside”.
Riverside Museum has already attracted more than 1.4 million visitors since opening in June.